The San Francisco Map & Print Fair

Established 2017

Sponsored by

History in Your Hands & the California Map Society


The San Francisco Map & Print Fair started in 2017 as a replacement for a one year hiatus of the Chicago International Map Fair, but after a whopping 1,500 attendees on its first run, it was clear that San Francisco needed its own annual map fair. Therefor in 2018 the fair occurred again, this time bringing in more dealers from Europe and across the United States. In 2019 the fair moved to a larger venue at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in the heart of San Francisco’s Museum Campus. It was set to run again this year as a map and print fair until, like most things, COVID-19 derailed any plans of an in person fair.

The good news is that the fair is back on, this time as a virtual event. While there are several obvious drawbacks to not having an in-person traditional fair, there are also many benefits to this virtual event. For starters, anyone around the world can attend the fair from the comfort of their own home. We have more dealers than ever as the cost of international travel and shipping is a non-issue. We also have a much broader slate of lectures run as webinars since there are no limitations on lecture hall availability and seating capacity. While COVID-19 has thrown many hurdles our way, the change in the way we do business has opened up many new opportunities, which we are continuing to discover as time goes by.

So for now, enjoy the fair virtually. Hopefully we will be able to greet each other in person in the not so distant future. Either way, the virtual fair by Collectible Events will always be an option going forward for those that cannot travel to San Francisco for this wonderful event. Until then, support our dealers, non-profits, and societies by shopping, donating, sharing from wherever you may be today.



The History in Your Hands Foundation (HIYHF), a non-profit organization with a mission to provide classrooms with authentic, historical objects in an effort to help foster a more enriched learning experience. For more information about the History in Your Hands Foundation, visit our website at


We are passionate about all phases of cartography in its broadest sense. We are fascinated by the potential of remote sensing, GIS, and the tools for today’s digital mapmaking. Yet we love the art and history embodied in antique maps. Understanding man’s continuing change in perception of his environment and world is part of the fun of viewing old maps. And we never fail to delight in the curious forms that maps have taken over the centuries.

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