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CartaHistorica is a Belgian newcomer on the commercial market. However, we live this map passion since 45 years. Our dream started in the mid ‘70ies when we realized that cartography is at the crossroads of geography and history. Which history can one read out of a map? Hence forward, a private assortment was slowly built up. Map quality and only map quality always stood central in this built-up. There was no pressure: the collection was built up with the utmost care. Time pressure was never there; we only bought maps of the highest possible standard. 

But, there is more: maps were not just bought. Each new map was carefully studied and reported on. Unconsciously, the mapmakers of our homeland, the Benelux, drew our attention. So, OrteliusHogenbergvan Keulen, the family Blaeu and the dynasty Hondius instinctively took a prime position. The focus of this large collection became “the Flemish and Dutch cartography between 1500 and 1700”. Accidentally, our personal interest coincided with the pivotal contribution of our ancestors to this cultural expression. But, there is much more to discover in this era: , we also open up an arsenal of maps and views of the VOC, on the Dutch war of independence, and on Michiel de Ruyter…even on Ortelius’ views of the Antiquity. However, you may also be interested in certain exotic maps: how about fantastic end 18th century Optica views? Or some portraits and titlepages or amazing Celestial maps. Finally, some maps and view discovering China and Japan?

We structurally studied “the Flemish and Dutch cartographers 1500 – 1700” with respect to their local, European and worldwide output. Out of our then private collection, we organized three exhibitions under this main subject with the following subtitles: “The Glorious Netherlands” (2016), “Europe Revisited” (2017) and “The Dutch color the World” (2018). Each time, a detailed catalog (in Dutch only), explained the general historical framework and all the individual maps. Catalogs of these three exhibitions are still for sale with us.



Our benchmarks were, are and always will be top quality and expertise. And we keep on searching for the most rare and extraordinary maps for your collection.

Our research goes on: so far we published three blogs:

  1. A grand tribute to Michel de Ruyter
  2. Cartes-à-figures, a short-lived fashion promoted by Blaeu and Hondius

  3. Strait of Magellan & Cape Horn: the Dutch experience

Have a look and enjoy!

From the Flemish homeland of Mercator, Ortelius, Hogenberg, Hondius and Kaerius


The specialist in Flemish-Dutch cartographers 1500 - 1700

CartaHistorica, Edelweisslaan 13, 3080 Tervuren, Belgium





Friday, May 14, from 10 am EST (= 4 pm CET) to 2 pm EST (= 8 pm CET)

Saturday May 15, from 6 am EST (= 12 pm CET) to 2 pm EST (= 8 pm CET)

Sunday May 16, from 6 am EST (= 12 pm CET) to 2 pm EST (= 8 pm CET)



If you want to have a 1-on-1 chat, please send me an e-mail ( and I will get back you within 5 minutes.

I will send you a zoom link as soon as possible. Looking forward to meet you in person.

  • - Stan
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At Angelika C J Friebe Ltd aka MapWoman, I am specialised in antique maps and prints from 16th century to mid-20th century, covering most subjects and areas. Of late, I have been taking a great interest in pictorial maps.

I first fell in love with maps when a friend introduced me to The Map House in London. I was lucky enough to be able to work there for a short period, in 1988, which gave me an insight into the intricacies of buying and selling these fascinating documents.

I was fortunate to then build on this initial knowledge by working with many renowned map and print sellers, beginning with a channel crossing and positions at Louis Loeb-Larocque and Francois Girand in Paris.

After my return to the UK in 1990, I started working for Clive A. Burden Ltd., in Hertfordshire, and found myself travelling extensively across Europe and the east coast of the U.S. I was involved in the sales of both maps and prints and also took an active role at the many map fairs I attended. As I worked, I also picked up basic skills in paper restoration and colouring and received a valuable understanding of the antique book trade. I feel fortunate that all of these appointments have enhanced my knowledge and deepened my fascination for the intriguing journeys made by these vintage pieces.

In 1996, I decided that it was time to take my expertise to a new level and my independent company, MapWoman, was born. In 2006, after spending three years in Vienna, I returned to the UK once more and settled in the beautiful town of Dorking, Surrey, where I have been located ever since.

Opening hours during the fair: Wed - Sun 9am - 6pm GMT

Angelika C J Friebe Ltd
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Geographicus Rare & Antique Maps was founded in New York, New York, by Kevin James Brown in 1999. We are generalist antiquarians dealing in historic maps from all over the world and in all price ranges. Our enthusiasm, passion and devotion to scholarship is expressed in our meticulously researched descriptions, among the most detailed and comprehensive available anywhere, for each and every rare map that passes over our desk.

This same devotion guides the relationships of honesty and trust we have fostered with our clients, whether through purchasing or selling a rare map, getting an appraisal, or simply calling to discuss antique maps in general. We are happy to assist you no matter whether you are an interior decorator, an institution, an experienced collector, or are just looking for a single antique map.

Geographicus is a member of the ABAA (Antiquarian Booksellers' Association of America), the ILAB (International League of Antiquarian Booksellers), Philip Lee Phillips Society, the New York Map Society, the Washington Map Society, the International Map Collectors Society and the Society for the History of Discoveries. While primarily an internet-based company, we are happy to meet with clients to show our antique maps by appointment at our New York City location.


We strongly recommend that all rare map customers sign up for our mailing list. This is different from the map fair mailing list. We send out one email each week (usually on monday at 11 AM) with our newest and most exciting stock.  Don't miss out!

Geographicus Rare Antique Maps
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Greetings from Portland Oregon! 

Old Imprints specialises in pictorial maps of the 19th and 20th centuries, but also carries a wide range of map stock, from ephemeral material to atlases and individual atlas maps, as well as collectible books, prints, ephemera and magazines.

Please visit our website to view our large online stock, contact us with questions at 503-234-3538 or email us at with your particular interests or to receive our occasional map catalogues.   All items over $100 will be send post free within the United States. We have been in business since 1981.

Elisabeth Burdon (Member ABAA / ILAB) 

Old Imprints
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Paulus Swaen old Maps and Prints specializes in maps, atlases and globes from the 16th - 18th century. Furthermore, we are dealing in atlases, globes, travel books, travel posters and Medieval manuscripts.

The firm was founded in 1978 in the Netherlands by Pierre Joppen and is still the owner of the company.

We offer year-round in our online catalog fine atlases, maps, globes and travel books. Please have a
look at the catalog [+] or check out our most interesting gallery items [+].

Online Map Auctions
Paulus Swaen is the oldest and largest internet-based auction house specializing in maps. Auctions are taking place in March, April, May, September, October, and November.
Next auction May 18 - 25. - Click here to see some Top Picks in the May auction.

More info about buying in the auction is here.


Do You Have Quality Antique Maps in Your Collection? :
Not sure who to sell to and where to go to get the best price?

Among our clients are collectors, museums, and dealers from around the world who are constantly looking for fine quality merchandise. More info about selling in the auction is here.

Join our mailing list and get updates about our auctions !

Paulus Swaen Online map Gallery & Auction
40 years of excellence in map dealing.
901 North Hercules Avenue, Suite A, Clearwater, Florida  33765 USA
email :
USA : Tel. +1 727 687 3298   /    727 498 4733

Paulus Swaen
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The maps featured here represent just a sampling my stock.

To peruse my inventory of maps live by Zoom, click here.

I am making a list of maps, not yet complete, here.

I am usually available during normal London hours, but if I am not "there" please email me, use the contact form, or call me at +44 [0]79.1913.0779.

I have been active in the rare map field for more than forty years and am a veteran of decades of antiquarian maps & books fair in the United States and United Kingdom. Published works in the field include:

Early Mapping of Southeast Asia [Charles E. Tuttle, 1999]
• 'Early Portuguese Mapping of Siam', in 500 Years of Thai-Portuguese Relations [Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 2011]
• 'Cartography and the Making of the Philippines from Antiquity to Now', New Introduction to Carlos P. Quirino's Philippine Cartography 1320-1899 [Vibal, 2018]
En el archipiélago de la Especiería. España y las Molucas - Siglos XVI-XVII, contributing author (2021).
Early Mapping of the Pacific [Charles E. Tuttle, 2004]
Shedding the Veil: Mapping the European Discovery of America and the World [World Scientific, 1992]
• 'Genesis of the American West: The Cortes Map', in Mapping the West: America's Westward Movement 1524-1890, ed. P Cohen [Rizzoli, 2002]
Mapping the European Discovery of America and the World (Exhibit Catalog) Washington, D.C.: Federal Reserve, 1991
• 'A revised chronology for the mapping of America in the late sixteenth century: Hogenberg, Mazza, Ortelius' [co-authored with Richard Casten], in The Map Collector, March 1995 (pp 26-30).

Thomas Suarez Rare Maps
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A Brief History of The Old Print Shop, Inc.

The Old Print Shop, Inc., was founded in 1898 in Wanamaker’s Department Store by Edward Gottschalk.  The gallery moved out of Wannamaker’s onto Fourth Avenue (known at the time as “Bookmen’s Row”) in lower New York around 1902.  Gottschalk expanded the business several times on Bookmen’s Row before moving in 1922 to our current location 150 Lexington Avenue. Gottschalk died sometime in 1927, and Harry Shaw Newman was hired by the Gottschalk Estate to run the business with an option at the end of the year to purchase the business.  Harry S. Newman exercised his option and officially purchased The Old Print Shop at the end of October, 1928.  Today, the business is still being run by second and third generation Newmans with a fourth generation on the way.


In the late 1950’s Harry S. Newman purchased the building at 150 Lexington Avenue, thereby securing the home of The Old Print Shop, Inc., for future generations.  The gallery is located in an unpretentious brownstone with old wooden floors and antique display cases.  The Old Print Shop, Inc., has also published its catalogue, Portfolio, for seventy years.  It is the longest running gallery publication which is published four to six times a year.  Each issue focuses on a different segment of art and collecting that the gallery has in inventory.  Thousands of works of art have been displayed in the catalogue through the years including John James Audubon, American town views, the works of Currier & Ives, Frank W. Benson, Winslow Homer, John Norman, Henry Pelham, Peter Pelham and Paul Revere.


Since its inception, The Old Print Shop, Inc., has promoted American art and antiquarian maps.  As one of the leading advocates in American art, the Newmans have built strong relationships with museums and private collectors who have interest in American art and have convinced others to have a second look at what America has produced throughout its history.  Through the years the gallery has worked with almost every collecting museum in the United States and Canada.  Two notable private clients from the past are Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 32nd President of the United States, who was a keen collector of American Naval prints and early American impressions and Irving S. Olds, Chairman of U. S. Steel, who built one of the major collections of American Naval images and published his book, Bits and Pieces of American History.  He dedicated the book to Harry Shaw Newman.  Other high profile clients were Abby Aldrich Rockefeller and the Museums at Colonial Williamsburg.  The policy of The Old Print Shop, Inc., is to not discuss private clients or purchases.  However, the three mentioned above are individuals and institutions where the relationship they shared with the gallery has been covered through the years in articles and documentaries.


Today, the gallery is still a leading advocate of American prints and antiquarian maps although now with an expanded timeline.  During most of our history, the shop dealt in American art before 1900.  In the late 1930’s Harry Shaw Newman learned the antiquarian map trade, and today, the gallery is one of the leading dealers in maps all parts of the world.


The Old Print Shop has been dealers in antiquarian maps since the 1930’s. We currently have a good selection of maps and city plans from all parts of the world in all price ranges. Please visit the shop at our Manhattan address or visit us online at

The Old Print Shop
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AntikBar is the London gallery specialising in original vintage posters covering a wide variety of subjects - travel, advertising, sport, cinema, war, propaganda - from around the world. Our stock is available to view at our gallery and online at with worldwide delivery.

Services: We offer collection advice and consultancy services and can source posters for collectors, individual clients, interior designers, museums and other institutions. Worldwide delivery. We also offer professional linen backing and poster restoration services with our partners in California.


Events: We host regular original vintage poster auctions, exhibitions and talks at our gallery and participate in other events during the year.

Antikbar Books: Our collection of antique and vintage book design and related ephemera covering the major art movements primarily from the 1920s-1930s, including Constructivism, Art Deco and Modernism, is available on our books website at

Please contact us if you have any queries or visit us at our gallery: 404 King's Road, Chelsea, London SW10 0LJ.

AntikBar is a Member of The Association of Art & Antiques Dealers (LAPADA), and the International Vintage Poster Dealers' Association (IVPDA).



AntikBar Original Vintage Posters
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