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In this presentation, Hans Kok will be explaining the coastal maps of Waghenaer to navigate on sight along the European northwestern shores. He will also speak on moving into navigation on the high seas with no land in sight for prolonged periods, compass roses and magnetic variation of the compass, straddling the latitude as a navigation technique, navigation instruments and problems with these due to scaling accuracy and time keeping.

Hans Kok, is a retired airline manager and captain with interest in old navigation techniques, leading up to a large collection of maps, charts and instruments. He also serves as cditor of Caert-Thresoor magazine in the Netherlands, and is the chairman of the International Map Collector’s Society (IMCOS) in London. Hans is the author of many articles and co-author of several books including Sailing for the East and Sailing across the World’s Oceans ( together with Prof. Guenter Schilder ).