By: Osaka Mainichi

Date: January 1, 1930 (dated) Japan

Dimensions: 29 x 41 inches (73.5 x 104 cm)

This is a New Year’s day Sugoroku game from Osaka Mainichi. It was published January 1st 1930. This map is centered on Japan and rather involved with flight paths that cross the globe. and is surrounded by 52 pictures of a wide variety of historical sites, animals, and people that can be found around the world.

Japanese text surrounding the map mostly pertains to the rules for playing along the flight paths that the map depicts. There is a set of modifications that the player can try when playing the game. The game and the map is designed to try to get children to think big thoughts about the future of air travel and the final “homework” in the lower left hand corner encourages children to send their big ideas about the future of air travel into the newspaper.

In the upper left hand corner is a section containing recent flight records from Japan and around the world. Listed first are Japanese records, international ones are listed second. There is a record for speed, endurance, distance, number of loops and altitude. For example (Alfred) Fronval completed 1,111 loops in his Morane-Saulnier in France on 1928 Feb 25th. Also included in the Japanese text is a timeline of important flights. The first one is the trans-Atlantic crossing of Alcock and Brown. The last important flight is refers to a soviet airplane trip to USA

Sugoroku is game played with a six sided die. Players take turn throwing the dice and advancing on the board. There are two different forms of the game; ban-sugoroku (盤双六, ‘board-sugoroku’) which is similar to western backgammon, and e-sugoroku (絵双六, ‘picture-sugoroku’) which is similar to western Snakes and Ladders. 

Condition: Map is in B condition with some separations and scrapes mostly found around the margins and along some folds. The map has been flattened and backed with linen for preservation and presentation purposes. It is a completely reversible process and can be undone at the buyer’s request.

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