By: Frank Dorn

Date: 1936 (dated) Beijing

Dimensions: 32 x 27.5 inches (81.25 x 70 cm)

A fascinating pictorial map of Beijing that was published by Frank Dorn and the Peiyang Press. Ltd of Tientsin and Peiping in 1936 The map widely regarded as an iconic work in the realm of 20th century pictorial map. 

A myriad of temples still existed at the time, and they are pictured with great care, as are both the Forbidden City and the Imperial City. All the various industries of the great city are depicted, including silk production, animal husbandry and embroidery centers. Cartoon vignettes surround much of the image, illustrating the history of the city from ancient times to 1936. The accuracy and host of details are made lively and appealing by whimsical qualities which were a distinguishing features of pictorial maps of the era. 

Frank Dorn was fluent in Chinese and lived in China during WWII, where he drew campaign maps for the U.S. Army. While there, he made this map of Beijing, offering wide scope of ethnographic and iconographic information about the city and its environs.

Condition: Map is in B+ condition, with a few very small areas of paper tears along fold intersections. Map has been professionally backed with linen for preservation and presentation purposes. This is a completely reversible process.

Inventory #11775

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