By: Chigakutosho ltd.

Date: 1949-65 (circa)

Dimensions: 20 x 28.5 inches (51 x 72.5 cm)

This is a lovely Japanese made sugaroku, pictorial game/map that centers on the North Pole. Flags from numerous countries are represented around the map and recognizable tourist attractions and cultural imagery fill the map within.  

There are no instructions printed for how to play the game, but it is possible to guess how to play without them. The start and finish are both in Japan. On some nodes there are printed instructions for which branching path to take based on the number rolled. For example if a player in Rio de Janeiro rolls 5 then they must return to Buenos Aires, 6 they have to return to Lima and if they roll a 1 they must go all the way back to Cuba. The lines linking nodes are color coded. Red seems to indicate boat travel, blue air travel and dotted white and blue appears to be overland travel

Condition: This map is in A condition and has been linen-backed for preservation and presentation purposes.

Inventory #11686

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