Anon. A Map Of That Part Of America Which Was The Principal Seat Of War In 1756. London: Published in the Gentleman’s Magazine, February 1757.

Copperplate engraving. Left margin rimmed closed to neatline, a few light vertical creases but on the whole a nice crisp impression.

8-1/2″ x 13″-21.5 x 33″

A detailed map covering the span of the St. Lawrence North to Quebec city and south through the northern New England States as far south as Boston. This map was published at the height of the French/ Indian war when the British had declared war on France. The state of Maine was still considered part of Massachusetts (it would become a separate state some 63 years later) and the border with Nova Scotia extended to the Penobscot River. The British forts of Oswego and Ontario are indicated as well as British forts along the shores of Lake Champlain. Interesting notes dotted throughout the map.

First state. Jolly-Gent 102; McCorkle 757.4; Sellers & van Ee #78