This magnificent map covers four continents and vibrantly highlights the breadth of the British territories across each, about a decade before the outbreak of the Seven Years’ War. Interior details are limited to a handful of scattered place names, a relatively accurate depiction of the Great Lakes, and a spurious river system in West Africa.

Emphasis is given on the various contemporary and historical components of the British Empire, with claims including Normandy and Hanover (among others in Europe), Gibraltar, the American colonies, numerous Caribbean islands, and several factories along the African coast. Text in the upper right corner describes the color scheme, with much of the map erroneously colored in green (which is supposed to reflect historical British territory – though some Brits might find it accurate!).

Further paragraphs provide a catalogue of overseas settlements in Asia and St. Helena and a description of French fishing access to the Great Banks of Newfoundland, which are prominently illustrated within the image.

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