John B. Bachelder. “The Army of the Potomac. The Wagon Trains of the Army of the Potomac en Route From Chickahominy to James River Va. During the Seven Days Fight (Fording Bear Creek One Mile Below Savage Station) June 29th 1862.” Boston: J.B. Bachelder, 1863. Tinted lithograph by J.H. Bufford. 17 x 27. Conserved, but some old stains, remnants of a mat burn and rubs evident. Good condition and overall fine appearance. Fine, strong color.

An excellent Civil War print by Jonathan B. Bachelder showing the Army of the Potomac crossing Bear Creek, on June 29th, 1862, with wonderful realism and detail. Bachelder (1825-1894) was a highly esteemed artist of the period, who was known to have spent considerable time during the Civil War in the field, making on-the-spot sketches. This print is clearly based on such sketches, and it is an excellent representation of what must have been a typical scene. The huge baggage train of the Army stretches off in many columns into the distance, where a dust cloud arises on the horizon. Once the river is reached, Bachelder depicts the difficulties of crossing with the wagons. In the foreground, those soldiers that have made it to the other side are seen lounging under trees, sitting around campfires, and generally setting up camp to wait for the rest of the Army. Harry T. Peters, in America on Stone, calls this a rare and fine print. It is indeed a wonderful look at non-battle life in the Union Army.