Place / Date: Imprimerie Perceval, Paris, 1959,

Dimensions: 610 x 955mm.

Condition: Mint condition. Backed with japan paper for protective reason only. Wide margins. Size of the sheet 745mm x 107mm.

Created in 1959 by the artist Lucien Boucher, showing all of the DC-7 Air France Routes. The Blue Pink Poster is one of a series of eight posters commissioned by Air France. These “”Planispheres”” were first produced in 1934 and documented Air France’s ever expanding travel routes.
Boucher created many of the Planispheres from 1934 to 1962 with increasing sophistication. In some he incorporated constellations and zodiacs. Many featured small local scenes from various countries in order to demonstrate the variety of destinations reached by Air France at that time.

These posters were usually distributed to travel agents around the world as promotional items. The fine detail and colourful artwork make these maps highly desirable to collectors.

The poster has always occupied a special place in Air France’s communication. With a heritage of more than 1,500 posters by the most prestigious illustrators and artists, the Company has one of the richest collections in the world.
Air France uses well-known posters like Savignac, Solon and Cassandre, for example, the Company also innovates by turning to recognized artists such as Cocteau, Mathieu, Brenet, Picart Ledoux or Vasarely.