Rare antique map of Great Britain, 1570 (- 1578). 

de Jode, Gerard  (1509 – 1591): GB:  Angliae Scotiae et Hiberniae Nova descriptio. 

Gerard de Jode Antwerp 1570 (-1578 )

orig. hand coloured copper engraved antique map in a dark wooden frame with gold inset and black museums quality mount board with gold bevel, double glazed. Latin text on verso. frame 66 x 81 cm, map 39 x 55 cm.

Engraved and published by Gerard de Jode (1509 – 1591), from ‘Speculum Geographicum Totius Germaniae Imperium Representans…’, Antwerp, 1570 (-1578).

We are very proud to be able to offer this stunning and rather rare map for sale. De Jode aimed at competing with Ortelius’ atlas ‘Theatrum…’ but by the time he had completed his 2-volume work, Ortelius’ atlas had become too popular. Though these days, scholars and map enthusiasts consider de Jode’s maps to be far superior, ‘Speculum Geographicum…’ never sold well at its time and was only re-issued once in 1593 in ‘Speculum Orbis Terrae…’ by de Jode’s son Cornelis, again with little success. 

As there are only 3 editions of this atlas, de Jode maps are rarely found and always command a high price. In addition, this map seems to be an intermediate state between the first and second edition according to Shirley (British Isles), #85 as it shows text on verso (which is not in 1570 edition) and lacks ‘Cum privilegio’ as in the 1578 edition. Pagination on verso reads ‘XXVI’ as in second edition.

This is one of the most beautifully printed maps of Great Britain in stunning original colour in excellent condition apart from additional printer’s creases throughout. The map is orientated to the East it has been speculated that this is either for logistic reasons, ie the paper layout prohibited to show the entire layout of GB without distorting it, or that it is in acknowledgement to the sun rising in the East.

This map is a real find and will delight the serious collector as well as the casual map enthusiast, providing a talking point!  

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