“The World’s Greatest Importing Establishment. Main Barns Of The Holbert Horse Importing Co. A.B. Holbert Proprietor. Greeley Delaware County Iowa.” Milwaukee: Gugler Lithographic Company, ca. 1880. 19 x 27. Chromolithograph. Large margins with some minor foxing not affecting image. Very good condition.

A beautiful advertising print of this well known 19th and 20th century horse farm. On the barns Holbert advertises that he carries the following breeds: Percherons, Belgians and English Shires, as well as draft, coach and hackney horses. Holbert started his business in 1878 and imported animals from England, France Belgium and Germany. This firm lasted well into the 20th century and this very scarce print, according to the previous owner, was acquired from the Holbert family. Gugler Lithographic Company was started in the same year 1878 by German immigrant Henry Gugler the same year as Holbert began his horse farm. By 1883 Gugler was printing all the advertising for Pabst Brewing. By World War Two, Gugler was one of the states largest and most successful printing firms with Gugler working for the Federal War Advertising Council. In 1956 the last member of the Gugler family interested in the firm passed away, ending eight decades of family control. During the remaining decades of the 20th century, the firm was purchased and sold by several companies until the name disappeared.