Barraband, Jacques/Langlois. Le Perroquet Cendré. Pl. 100. Published in “François Levaillant’s “Histoire Naturelle Des Perroquets”. Paris, 1805.

Stipple engraving. Printed in colour with some hand colouring. Fine.

12-3/4″ x 9-1/2″-32.3 x 24.1

Levaillant was a French naturalist, explorer and ornithologist. He travelled extensively throughout South Africa, observing and collecting specimens of local flora and fauna. He was considered one of the first naturalist to use colour plates to illustrate his birds. It is suggested that John James Audubon was heavily influenced by Levaillant’s work. This is a beautiful rendition of an African Grey Parrot after Barraband, who was comissioned by Levaillant to produce 300 watercolours of these exotic birds. Barraband developed a new technique of combining colour printing with hand colouring and these birds are considered to be some of the finest ever produced. Franklin D. Roosevelt had a set of one of Levaillant’s “Histoire Naturelle Des Perroquets” which is considered one of the rarest and most valuable of his works in his own personal library.