Place / Date: London, Alf Cooke Ltd, 1943,

Dimensions: 890 x 1140mm.

Condition: Linen backed. In mint condition. In original lithograph colors.

The rare French version of this decorative pictorial world map by MacDonald Gill. “This magnificent map drawn up while the Second World War still raged is already envisaging a world following an Allied victory” (Curtis & Pedersen, War Maps & Pictorial Conflict Maps, 1900-1950. (London 2016).

The poster was issued to commemorate the 1941 the “Atlantic Charter”, the joint declaration Franklin D. Roosevelt and Winston Churchill, which set out their war and peacetime aims, a template of the United Nations. The original sketch had actual signatures of President Roosevelt and Prime Minister Churchill, written on strips of paper, added to the drawing. (British Library).

Made By the celebrated illustrator Gill (Leslie) MacDonald Gill (1884 – 1947) who produced for the British Ministry of Information during the Second World War in 1943 a series of maps of the colonies highlighting their rich resources.
The poster was then issued over a period of several years with changing text in the text block at lower right.

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