After David H. Burr

Published by C. S. Francis and Co. 252 Broadway. 1856

Stone engraving with woodblock vignette illustrations.

Folding pocket map. Overall sheet size 24 x 17″ (60.8 x 43.2 cm)

Good condition, save for some repaired splitting along fold intersections. Original hand coloring.

A scarce and unusual guide map to New York.

The map gives to credit to David Burr whose map of the city in 1833 which shows the city up to 37th Street on the east side. This map has been extended up to the extreme eastern end of 77th Street. Surrounding this map are important public buildings, churches and even the publishers, “C. S. Francis and Co.” bookstore. Another illustration shows the short lived New York Crystal Palace. This iron and glass structure was built in 1853 and burned in 1858. It was located at today’s Bryant Park, directly behind the New York Public Library. Other buildings shown include the Merchants’ Exchange, Astor House, New York University and Halls of Justice, aka, the tombs. Below the map is a list of streets with reference to the map.