[Untitled map of Palestine] First printed map based on first-hand observation, depicting Palestine based on a 13th century pilgrimage

The third woodblock (1475 /1488 /1491-1555)

[anonymous] /Dominican Burchard of Mt. Sion, 1491 (c1536). 13 x 16 1/2 inches. Excellent condition with original wide paper intact between the halves.

Map of the eastern Mediterranean shores and Holy Land, from the Mer des Hystoires, after the pilgrimage of the thirteenth-century Dominican Burchard of Mt. Sion. Campbell (Earliest Print Maps) remarks that the maker of the maps for the 1491 Mer des Hystoires was a “thinking individual”, because in the corresponding world maps he corrects errors made in 1475 block and slavishly copied in the 1488 block.