S. Augustus Mitchell.

Philadelphia: 1849.

13 1/4″ x 16 1/2″ [20 3/4″ x 24 1/2″ in mat and frame] Not in Moffat. P. 36 from Mitchell’s atlas.

Mitchell’s important 1849 map of the American west, produced at a time when gold was being discovered in California. Issued on the heals of Fremont’s last expedition. It is worth noting, that this is an early 1849 state of this map, as the Gold Regions have not yet been noted. New Mexico is merely a minor sliver on the map.

With a note in the wide blank area between the Sierra Nevada range and the “Wahsatch” mountains which states: “The unexplored Region enclosed on the W. by the Sierra Nevada, and on the E. by the Bear R. has been called the GREAT INTERIOR BASIN of CALIFORNIA, its circuit is about 1800 miles, some portions of its surface are arid and sandy, and destitute of water and grass, while in other quarters, rivers and lakes are known to abound.”

Also prominently noted in the Upper or New California terrain is the statement, “From the Great Salt Lake westward there is a succession of Rivers and Lakes which have no outlet to the sea, nor any connection with the Columbia river nor with the Colorado river of the Gulf of California.”

The scarcer state of this significant map, produced just before Mitchell would denote the California gold regions.