Abraham Ortelius, 1587 (Spanish edition, 1612): Americae Sive Novi Orbis, Nova Descriptio.

Excellent, with superb full original color.

A fine example of the second version of Ortelius’ map of America, with the Northeast Coast modified and the bogus bulge in southwestern South America corrected. This is the first printed map to show the Solomon Islands, and possibly the first map to show the Chesapeake Bay.

As a part of his effort to maintain the enormous commercial success of the Theatrum, Ortelius has here updated its map of America. New place-names, thought by Wagner to come from a MS of Vaz Dourado, appear here for the first time on a printed map (also on Ortelius’ world map of this year, though plotted inconsistently). These include “R. de los Estrechos” and “C. Mendocino.” The east coast of North America now bears a steep bay at “C. de arenas,” and the west coast of South America has lost its large bogus bulge.

In the Pacific, New Guinea is still depicted as part of Terra Australis. Immediately east of New Guinea, however, lies a new land: the Solomon Islands. These Melanesian Islands, discovered by Mendana in 1568, seem to have first found their way onto printed maps in Ortelius’ shop, when he added them to this map and his world map of the same date.