According to the succinct summary in the lower left, “this map indicates how the nation-wide program of the Public Works Administration stimulates business and employment.” The agency was formed in 1933 as part of Roosevelt’s New Deal Program, and this image was issued in 1940 as a catalog of its accomplishments during the first seven years of operation.

Small illustrations in each of the 48 contiguous states highlight how P.W.A. programs have affected every part of the country. The center of the image is dominated by a fictional bird’s eye view titled “Everytown” in which representative drawing of court houses, city halls, and libraries allude to other ways towns and cities across the United States have benefited as well.

The verso includes six panels of text detailing the history and major milestones of the Public Works Administration between 1933 and 1940, as well as a table outlining their associated costs.

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