Coronelli, Father Vincenzo Maria (1650-1718): Mare del Sud/ dettro altrimenti/ Mare Pacifico./ Autore/ Il P.M. Coronelli…

Venice 1691

copper engr. map; 45 x 60 cm; small rep. tear top margin, 3 old mount tapes, o/w exc. cond.

This map shows the Pacific Ocean with an insular California; ‘Terra de Iesso’, the unknown part between Japan and America; the outline of Australia, New Zealand and ‘Terra d’Antonio Diemens’ (Tasmania).

Coronelli was an Italian Franciscan Friar, Doctor of Theology, cosmographer, cartographer and globemaker. In 1684, he founded the Accademia Cosmografica in Venice (the first geographical society), and in 1685, he was appointed Cosmographer to the Republic of Venice. After building a pair of 3,5 m diameter globes for Louis XIV in Paris between 1683 and 1716, he returned to his native Venice in 1686 and set up a globemaking workshop. – This map is from his most celebrated work ‘Atlante Veneto’, comprising 65 maps, all executed in a very precise style, with sharp impression and beautifully decorated and elaborate cartouches.

Burden 680

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