Place / Date: Amsterdam, ca. 1737,

Dimensions: 1180 x 1040mm.

Condition : Mint condition, dark impression on thick paper. 4 Sheets if joined: 1180mm x 1040mm.

The four sheet Dutch edition of Popple’s monumental map of North America, in mint condition. Encompassing the West Indies, Florida, Louisiana, Texas and Central America.

This example is the rare FIRST state of the edition published by Covens and Mortier in Amsterdam, circa 1737. It is differentiated from the second state by the word “Hollandish” being changed in the second state to “The Dutch” in the cartouche.

Four separate sheets as issued, each with its own title and measuring 23 1/4” x 20 5/8” (for a total measurement when joined of 46 1/2” x 40 1/8”).
Superbly engraved with extensive shipping and title cartouche. Popple had little training as a mapmaker or geographer and only one other manuscript map is attributed to him. His assistant in the process was Capt. Clement Lempriere (d.1746) who served as his designer and draftsman in the Ordinance Office. The map remains the first large-scale British map of America.
The map was eventually very successful and there were several editions. Babinksi notes that George Washington owned a copy of the Key map (Popple’s abbreviated version) and Benjamin Franklin ordered two copies for the Pennsylvania Assembly in 1746 and another in 1752. The Popple and Mitchell (1755) maps were the most important maps of North America made in the 18th century and were widely known and referred to throughout the formation of the United States. This example is the second state of the edition published by Covens and Mortier in Amsterdam, ca. 1742.
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