[From text on the verso]

“This is probably a different kind of map than you ever saw before. It doesn’t show you how to go anywhere. It isn’t even a map of any real town. But don’t be discouraged, or go off writing letters to Mr. Rand and Mr. McNally. Postwar Town could be your town or city. It could be in upstate Maine or New York or the foothills of the Rockies. The point is, Postwar Town is populated with people whose business and personal needs demand, quite frequently, that they get something in a hurry or send something somewhere in a hurry.”

This appropriate introduction braces the audience for the centerfold bird’s eye view of Postwar Town, U.S.A. This fictionalized locale is emblematic of the optimism Americans felt as the campaign against Japan progressed towards the final chapter of World War II. Brightly illustrated buildings in a bustling downtown are accompanied by text boxes that highlight various ways Air Express can stimulate business and promote economic growth.

Apart from highlighting American enthusiasm for the postwar world, the image is also a reflection on the insulated experience of the American home front. Few civilians in Europe or across the Pacific were able to enjoy the luxury of turning their attention to profits in the weeks and months immediately following the war.

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