Newport and the historic Island of Rhode Island. On the Scenic Route to Sakonnet Cape Cod and New England’s Greatest Seashore Resorts. (Map titles: Mount Hope Bridge, Bristol Rhode Island / Newport’s Famous Ten Mile Drive Along the Ocean Front).


Pamphlet 9 x 4 1/2 inches unfolding to color pictorial map 17 x 25 1/2 inches, 3 red black and white maps on other side.

This is a highly decorative large color pictorial map showing a span of the lower part of Rhode Island and Massachusetts, from Newport to Martha’s Vineyard and part of Cape Cod. Decorative features include a compass rose, all kinds of ships in the sea, lots of vignettes of historic houses and monuments. An attractive map to frame with lots of informative detail. On the verso is another pictorial map (12 x 17 inches) “Newport’s Famous Ten Mile Drive Along the Ocean Front showing the locations of the beautiful summer residences of many prominent people” with vignette illustrations depicting the houses and naming the owners. A fascinating bit of local history. Two other smaller maps show roads of Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island and a map of the area around the Mount Hope Bridge. #32273