Washington DC: C. H. Graham Lith.y. [1858].

Color map measuring 18″ x 22″ [23″ x 27″ in mat]. Light intersecting fold lines. Remarkably bright. Wheat 958. Moffat 54.

Sen. Ex. Doc. No. 11 & Ho Ex. No. 2. 1st Sess. 35th Cong. With lines delineating routes practicable for wagons and routes of exploring parties. This map shows roads running from Levan to Ft. Hall and east to South Pass. The Provo River is named “Timpanogos River”; “Ft. Utah” is written for Provo; Nephi is “Nephie City.” Bear Lake, six miles long, is unnamed on this map. Carl Wheat originally contributed this map to Howard Stansbury in 1850. A nice map depicting the famous South Pass route through the Rocky Mountains, a highly significant area crucial to the entire history of the United States’ expansion west of the Mississippi.