Pinkerton, John. Spanish Dominions In North America. Middle Part. London: Published in Pinkerton’s ” Modern Atlas” , Cadell and Davies, 1811

Hand coloured copperplate engraving. Some staining and short tears to blank margins, otherwise very good.

19-3/4″ x 27-3/4″-50.1 x 70.4 cm.

A detailed map covering central and southern Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador and part of Honduras. Shows towns, cities, ports, mines, topographical features and “intendancies”-a political division before Mexico adopted “states”. On first glance, this map is very similar to John Thomson’s map of the same area. But Pinkterton’s map is more detailed and contains more up to date information (based on Humboldt’s map of a year prior). This map is more scarce and comes from what is considered one of the finest English atlases of the 19th century.Kapp, Central America early maps up to 1860, 89