Original vintage illustrated map poster in Spanish by the notable graphic designer, cartographer and artist MacDonald Gill (Leslie MacDonald Gill aka Max Gill; 1884-1947) commissioned by the British Time & Tide magazine (1920-1986) following the World War Two Atlantic Charter agreement between the US President Franklin D. Roosevelt and UK Prime Minister Winston Churchill “for a better future for the world” 14 August 1941 – La Carta del Atlantico. Stunning design featuring detailed colourful pictorial depictions of agriculture and food production, industrial raw materials and traditional life around the world including images of people, animals, trees, cattle, ships at sea, planes flying overhead and markers with a symbol box listing the locations of metals, wine, crops, petroleum, tobacco, sugar, rubber, silk, coffee, fruit, precious stones etc., surrounded by clouds on the sides and the sun shining down from The Atlantic Charter in the text box at the top with a black and white image below of an industrial metal worker destroying tanks and machinery and a farming family ploughing a field with horses, the cities, countries, continents and quotes in banners with a seal and a compass point on both sides, all framed within a decorative border.

Printed in Great Britain by Philip George & Son Ltd London and published in collaboration with the Time and Tide Publishing Company Ltd London. The London Geographical Institute. Horizontal. Large size. Very good condition, restored tears on folds, faint stains in image, backed on linen.

Artist: MacDonald Gill
Year: 1943
Size: 114×88.5cm