This wonderful cartographic expression of the British Empire was drawn by Eric Dinickel for publication in the June, 1953 issue of Maclean’s – “Canada’s National Magazine.” With the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II taking place that month, it was certainly reason for celebration!

Bright pink is splashed across much of the globe, with a few yellow spots indicating the few (admitted) ‘losses from the realm.’ Canada, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia are recognized with their coat of arms, while those of the United Kingdom are adorned above the title cartouche.

Despite the glamorous image, the complicated political situation requires a number of symbols and a glossary of terms to define it’s precise composition in a post-war world.

The map also includes a number of elements from antiquarian cartography, including a compass rose, windheads, sea monsters, mar-babies, and putti equipped with surveying tools.

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