The front panel of this promotional brochure uses a portion of the famous quote to allude to the healthy benefits of the humble apple. It’s part of a bevvy of tactics used throughout the publication to encourage the consumption of the fruit – one of Washington’s most important cash crops and the motivation of the Washington State Apple Commission (the publisher).

Within the map, apples mark the location of major production centers and can even be seen in the compass rose and loaded onto ships – presumably for transportation across the Pacific. Six of the most prominent varieties are lusciously illustrated and labeled across the bottom of the page. “So big, so beautiful, so good for health and eating, too!”

Other Washington resources, including agriculture, livestock, industry, recreation and natural beauty are also illustrated and outlined by the text on the right side of the page.

The verso includes a variety of apple based recipes and a calendar to assist with keeping track of when certain varieties are at their ripest. One quote reads “You can ALWAYS please a man, any time of day or night, with a piece of apple pie and a glass of milk.”

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