Original vintage travel poster for the USSR Dance Festival Moscow – Leningrad 10-20 June 1936 commissioned by Intourist, the Soviet state travel monopoly, featuring a stunning design by the notable Soviet artist Nikolai Zhukov (1908-1973) of a dancer wearing a white and red outfit leaping elegantly in the air through his yellow ribbon against a dark background under a stage spotlight, from a 1927 ballet The Red Flower that was the first Soviet ballet to feature a modern revolutionary theme. These early Intourist posters were aimed at attracting foreign tourists and designed in the bourgeois Art Deco style to create a glamorous portrayal of the Soviet Union. Virtually unknown in the USSR, Intourist advertising posters became a calling card of Soviet Russia as they were displayed in tourist offices, embassies, airports, hotels, train carriages and ocean liner cabins all over the world. Bold, bright and highly artistic they were printed with the highest quality materials and aimed at presenting to foreign tourists the joys of travelling in the USSR, the first socialist country in the world.

Very good condition, restored minor tears and loss on margins, backed on linen.

Artist: Nikolai Zhukov
Year: 1935
Size: 98x69cm