Publisher:VON HUMBOLD, A.
Title: Géographie des Plantes Equinoxiales – Tableau physique des Andes et pays voisins..
Published in:Paris, 1805
Size: 14.7 x 32.9 inches. / 37.3 x 83.5 cm.



Very good condition. Plano sheet.

“Physical Portrait of the Andes and adjacent lands”, organized around the Chimborazo and Cotopaxi volcanoes, in Ecuador.
With local vegetation illustrates pictorially on the left side, names of botanical species given on the right part. At both sides a table giving scientifical information about physical phenomena and data according to the altitude.
Outlined and written by A. von Humboldt, drawn by Schönberger and Turpin, engraved by Bouquet and Beaublé.
From the “Voyage aux régions équinoxiales du Nouveau Continent”.