[World Map.]  [World War II.]   [Aviation.]  Aluminum Company of America.    Global Map for Global War and Global Peace.   [Title from pamphlet.]  New York: Alcoa Map Department.  1943.  Sheet size: 24 x 33.”  Folds to: 8 x 5 ¾.”  Map size: 20 x 18.”  Folded as issued.  Very good with very light wear showing at some folds.

This pamphlet features a very colorful and unusual World War II-era map published by the Aluminum Company of America (Alcoa). It was designed on a north polar projection to demonstrate “the fact that the aeroplane changes our old earth-bound ideas as a map like this. The air is a universal highway. Flying routes naturally go across, not around.”

Flanking the map is text explaining the difference between the commonly-seen Mercator projection and the polar projection, as well as touting opportunities in the aviation industry. The border includes airplane insignia for various nations (including Nazi Germany), and the verso is filled with additional illustrations including silhouette depictions of  numerous “friendly” and “enemy” airplanes, plane formations, stunts, and various insignias for the U.S. Army, Navy, and Marines.  Lots of World War II aviation content.   [ICN 7524.4.]

References: Rumsey Collection: 6781.003.