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Ashman Antique Nautical Paper





Highlights of RareCharts' booth include these notable items:


The only known copy of Johannes Loot's 1708 world nautical chart published at the end of the Dutch Golden Age of cartography.

A rare U.S. government-issued 5th edition of Matthew Maury's whale chart, a landmark in the display of quantitative information.
The only known example of a map of Charlestown, Mass. on a large trade card, presented as a fan, for The Great Indian Herb Doctor: Dr. J. Liverpool.
More than 20 charts and maps related to Florida including this antique nautical chart of Key West Harbor and Approaches.





RareCharts' goal is to supply the collector and dealer a wide portfolio of interesting, important, and unusual cartographic artifacts, with a tendency toward maps touching on the world's coastal margins and seas. These include unrecorded manuscript maps and rare sea charts, port plans, nautical prints and nautical ephemera. We are a member of the International Map Collector's Society (IMCoS), the Washington Map Society, and the California Map Society.  Now beginning our 11th year selling online as



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