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CartaHistorica is a Belgian newcomer on the commercial market. However, we live this map passion since 45 years. Our dream started in the mid ‘70ies when we realized that cartography is at the crossroads of geography and history. Which history can one read out of a map? Hence forward, a private assortment was slowly built up. Map quality and only map quality always stood central in this built-up. There was no pressure: the collection was built up with the utmost care. Time pressure was never there; we only bought maps of the highest possible standard. 

But, there is more: maps were not just bought. Each new map was carefully studied and reported on. Unconsciously, the mapmakers of our homeland, the Benelux, drew our attention. So, OrteliusHogenbergvan Keulen, the family Blaeu and the dynasty Hondius instinctively took a prime position. The focus of this large collection became “the Flemish and Dutch cartography between 1500 and 1700”. Accidentally, our personal interest coincided with the pivotal contribution of our ancestors to this cultural expression. But, there is much more to discover in this era: , we also open up an arsenal of maps and views of the VOC, on the Dutch war of independence, and on Michiel de Ruyter…even on Ortelius’ views of the Antiquity. However, you may also be interested in certain exotic maps: how about fantastic end 18th century Optica views? Or some portraits and titlepages or amazing Celestial maps. Finally, some maps and view discovering China and Japan?

We structurally studied “the Flemish and Dutch cartographers 1500 – 1700” with respect to their local, European and worldwide output. Out of our then private collection, we organized three exhibitions under this main subject with the following subtitles: “The Glorious Netherlands” (2016), “Europe Revisited” (2017) and “The Dutch color the World” (2018). Each time, a detailed catalog (in Dutch only), explained the general historical framework and all the individual maps. Catalogs of these three exhibitions are still for sale with us.



Our benchmarks were, are and always will be top quality and expertise. And we keep on searching for the most rare and extraordinary maps for your collection.

Our research goes on: so far we published three blogs:

  1. A grand tribute to Michel de Ruyter
  2. Cartes-à-figures, a short-lived fashion promoted by Blaeu and Hondius

  3. Strait of Magellan & Cape Horn: the Dutch experience

Have a look and enjoy!

From the Flemish homeland of Mercator, Ortelius, Hogenberg, Hondius and Kaerius


The specialist in Flemish-Dutch cartographers 1500 - 1700

CartaHistorica, Edelweisslaan 13, 3080 Tervuren, Belgium





Friday, May 14, from 10 am EST (= 4 pm CET) to 2 pm EST (= 8 pm CET)

Saturday May 15, from 6 am EST (= 12 pm CET) to 2 pm EST (= 8 pm CET)

Sunday May 16, from 6 am EST (= 12 pm CET) to 2 pm EST (= 8 pm CET)



If you want to have a 1-on-1 chat, please send me an e-mail (info@cartahistorica.com) and I will get back you within 5 minutes.

I will send you a zoom link as soon as possible. Looking forward to meet you in person.

  • - Stan

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