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A Brief History of The Old Print Shop, Inc.

The Old Print Shop, Inc., was founded in 1898 in Wanamaker’s Department Store by Edward Gottschalk.  The gallery moved out of Wannamaker’s onto Fourth Avenue (known at the time as “Bookmen’s Row”) in lower New York around 1902.  Gottschalk expanded the business several times on Bookmen’s Row before moving in 1922 to our current location 150 Lexington Avenue. Gottschalk died sometime in 1927, and Harry Shaw Newman was hired by the Gottschalk Estate to run the business with an option at the end of the year to purchase the business.  Harry S. Newman exercised his option and officially purchased The Old Print Shop at the end of October, 1928.  Today, the business is still being run by second and third generation Newmans with a fourth generation on the way.


In the late 1950’s Harry S. Newman purchased the building at 150 Lexington Avenue, thereby securing the home of The Old Print Shop, Inc., for future generations.  The gallery is located in an unpretentious brownstone with old wooden floors and antique display cases.  The Old Print Shop, Inc., has also published its catalogue, Portfolio, for seventy years.  It is the longest running gallery publication which is published four to six times a year.  Each issue focuses on a different segment of art and collecting that the gallery has in inventory.  Thousands of works of art have been displayed in the catalogue through the years including John James Audubon, American town views, the works of Currier & Ives, Frank W. Benson, Winslow Homer, John Norman, Henry Pelham, Peter Pelham and Paul Revere.


Since its inception, The Old Print Shop, Inc., has promoted American art and antiquarian maps.  As one of the leading advocates in American art, the Newmans have built strong relationships with museums and private collectors who have interest in American art and have convinced others to have a second look at what America has produced throughout its history.  Through the years the gallery has worked with almost every collecting museum in the United States and Canada.  Two notable private clients from the past are Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 32nd President of the United States, who was a keen collector of American Naval prints and early American impressions and Irving S. Olds, Chairman of U. S. Steel, who built one of the major collections of American Naval images and published his book, Bits and Pieces of American History.  He dedicated the book to Harry Shaw Newman.  Other high profile clients were Abby Aldrich Rockefeller and the Museums at Colonial Williamsburg.  The policy of The Old Print Shop, Inc., is to not discuss private clients or purchases.  However, the three mentioned above are individuals and institutions where the relationship they shared with the gallery has been covered through the years in articles and documentaries.


Today, the gallery is still a leading advocate of American prints and antiquarian maps although now with an expanded timeline.  During most of our history, the shop dealt in American art before 1900.  In the late 1930’s Harry Shaw Newman learned the antiquarian map trade, and today, the gallery is one of the leading dealers in maps all parts of the world.


The Old Print Shop has been dealers in antiquarian maps since the 1930’s. We currently have a good selection of maps and city plans from all parts of the world in all price ranges. Please visit the shop at our Manhattan address or visit us online at www.oldprintshop.com

Plan of the City of Washington in the Territory of Columbia, ceded by the States of Virginia and Maryland to the United States of America, and by them established as the Seat of their Government, after the Year 1800.

February 5th, 2021|

Plan of the City of Washington in the Territory of Columbia. ceded by the States of Virginia and Maryland to the United States of America, and by them established as the Seat of their Government, after the Year MDCCC.

February 5th, 2021|

A new and Accurate Chart of the Bay of Chesapeake with all the Shoals, Channels, Islands, Entrances, Soundings and Sailing marks, as far as the Navigable Part of the Rivers Patowmack, Patapsco and North-East. Drawn from several Draughts made by the most Experienced Navigators Chiefly from those of Anthony Smith, Pilot of St. Marys.

February 3rd, 2021|

An Accurate Map of North and South Carolina with their Indian Frontiers Shewing in a different Manner all the Mountains, Rivers Swamps, Marshes, Bays, Creeks, Harbours, Sandbanks and Sounding on the Coasts; with the Roads and Indian Paths;…as well as the Boundary or Provincial Lines, the several townships and other divisions of the land in Both the Provinces; the whole from actual surveys.

January 27th, 2021|

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