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Thomas Suarez Rare Maps

The maps featured here represent just a sampling my stock.

To peruse my inventory of maps live by Zoom, click here.

I am making a list of maps, not yet complete, here.

I am usually available during normal London hours, but if I am not "there" please email me, use the contact form, or call me at +44 [0]79.1913.0779.

I have been active in the rare map field for more than forty years and am a veteran of decades of antiquarian maps & books fair in the United States and United Kingdom. Published works in the field include:

Early Mapping of Southeast Asia [Charles E. Tuttle, 1999]
• 'Early Portuguese Mapping of Siam', in 500 Years of Thai-Portuguese Relations [Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 2011]
• 'Cartography and the Making of the Philippines from Antiquity to Now', New Introduction to Carlos P. Quirino's Philippine Cartography 1320-1899 [Vibal, 2018]
En el archipiélago de la Especiería. España y las Molucas - Siglos XVI-XVII, contributing author (2021).
Early Mapping of the Pacific [Charles E. Tuttle, 2004]
Shedding the Veil: Mapping the European Discovery of America and the World [World Scientific, 1992]
• 'Genesis of the American West: The Cortes Map', in Mapping the West: America's Westward Movement 1524-1890, ed. P Cohen [Rizzoli, 2002]
Mapping the European Discovery of America and the World (Exhibit Catalog) Washington, D.C.: Federal Reserve, 1991
• 'A revised chronology for the mapping of America in the late sixteenth century: Hogenberg, Mazza, Ortelius' [co-authored with Richard Casten], in The Map Collector, March 1995 (pp 26-30).

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